Privatization costs

Here we go again! Didn’t the Williamsport School Board learn anything from the blunder they made in privatizing the bus operations in the school district? That mistake cost taxpayers thousands of dollars yet they are again looking at subcontracting as a “way to save money?”

Our school board is wasting our money.

Now they want to privatize the cafeteria employees.

The cafeteria operations are in the hole because the board agreed to a contract with a private food management corporation that has resulted in a deficit for the district every year!

This year the district will lose $225,000!

Finally the board wised up and fired the company.

Now they want to fix that error by firing all 81 of the district cafeteria employees and allowing a different out of town for-profit company to come in and to take over both the management and the employees!

The corporation will cut costs by hiring fewer employees at reduced wages.

Why would we allow our taxes dollars to go into the bank accounts of corporate America and allow local residents to lose their jobs?

Please attend the Williamsport school board meeting tonight.

Tell the board to stop wasting our money on private corporate schemes! Keep jobs and taxes in Williamsport.

Roxann Willets