Right or wrong

The recent revelations from Mr. Snowden about our government and data mining has sent people in this country in a tizzy. Some think he is a hero while others have called him a traitor, either way Mr. Snowden has shaken this country from it’s stupor. They have come to the realization that the government has information on them and that it has the gall to mine it and to actually allow the government to be ‘spying’ on them. It is an actual law that was passed and renewed, it is the Patriot Act. They are also shocked to find out that the government does so in secret and with secrecy. Just how secret is it when a lay person from a private firm can be going through data that the government is mining and with the full cooperation from communication and media companies?

Our government has been collecting and mining information and data about it’s citizens since the beginning of this country. The government does have secrets and it has agencies that operate in secret and has been doing so for a very long time. This is nothing new nor untold. We all claim that we want to be safe and secure. How far do we go to be safe and secure nationally? We all also claim that we want our government to be transparent but how far should that transparency go? Is there government functions/actions that the public should not have the ability to see and debate and question?

People find it terrible to actually think that our government spies on its own people. Again this is nothing new or did you really think the CIA, FBI, NSA and other agencies who function as surveillance and counter surveillance did something else or only spied on foreign governments.

People hardly had any grievances with Muslim Americans being persecuted in this country and their Mosques burned to the ground after 9/11 but do have a grievance with known Muslim American who is actively working with Muslim terrorists being killed by a drone strike. No one seems to have a problem with a drone strike killing noncitizens or enemies of this country but let it be an actual citizen then it is a problem. If a drone could be used to kill one person it can be used to kill anyone, friend or foe.

The American people allowed this to happen, allowed it to get this far. We can scream how bad government is but the truth is we gave them permission to do so. We even said it was patriotic and for national security.

Right or wrong this is what we as a country has done, not just the government. We freely give away our information and we even demand more of it be given. We even let organizations gather and sell our information. We are globally connected through our information and technologies and economies. You think our government is the only one sifting through our information and data. I suggest you think again. We are all pieces of data and it is being used by unknown and known entities. This is the world we created with our information, technologies, economies and governments.

Charles M. Reeder


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom