Shame on you

I am a teacher in Andrew’s school. I am amazed with your knowledge of Andrew’s situation. All from one article and a little Google work. The funny thing is that I see Andrew on a daily basis because I was one of the organizers of his “publicity walk” and all of its coverage. I saw the look on Andrew’s face the entire time, and let me tell you this child was beaming.

His nurses had to slow him down so that he would not arrive at our school before the 700 supporters were ready for him. And yes, that number was 700. Were you there? It was a great show! I saw the joy on his parents’ faces because four years ago he couldn’t walk. They are proud of their son.

I do not know if you have children but if you do you they are apparently blessed to be healthy. Let’s make a deal. You stop writing letters about something and someone you know nothing about and I will introduce you to this amazing family and their thousands of supporters. You will then see that it was not just a stunt for attention. It was 700+ genuine people supporting a child who could pass tomorrow from a seizure.

Andrew will go to the prom next year as a matter of fact because I asked him if I could be his date. He said yes, with sign language, of course, because his bite guard keeps him from speaking. He will actually have 50+ dates because he is loved! He does manage to climb steps and hug me each and every day at school. He looks me in the eyes and I can tell he is thankful for what I did to help make his walk a success.

Yes, I am the one who got the publicity for the event. I did it because I am proud of Andrew and his accomplishments. As I tell my third graders, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything. This would be a good rule for you! Shame on you!

Anita Conrad-Leahy


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom