Many Pennsylvanians have benefitted from the development of Marcellus Shale, allowing the Commonwealth to become energy independent, yet our residents’ electricity bills are fragile. This is why I am worried about the Environmental Protection Agency`s (EPA) eagerness to implement New Source Performance Standards (NSPS), which would force all future power plants that use coal to emit no more than 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per megawatt-hour, a standard no current plant can reach.

Coal provides almost 50% of our state`s electricity, meaning this regulation would cripple Pennsylvania`s energy independence, forcing rates to sky rocket. It’s simple, the EPA and NSPS hurts jobs and will create higher electricity bills. Additionally, this decree does not even give the plants a chance to meet these impossible thresholds by banning new upgrades to make them more efficient and cleaner.

Because of the EPA`s shortsightedness, Pennsylvanians will suffer financially, a terrible consequence of government regulation run amok. The EPA should halt the NSPS and focus on policies that make energy more affordable for all Americans and Pennsylvania residents.

Tony Mussare


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom