Smokers manners

This letter is to address the manners and responsibilities of which each and every smoker should abide by to keep the non-smokers off of your back. If you choose to participate in this activity, then at least follow some of these common courtesy manners and overall responsibilities that go along with your rights to purchase and consume this product. I believe that it is an issue of “fair is fair” and the give and take kind of approach as well as some of the laws that are in place to protect the non-smokers and the health and beauty of our communities.

Littering is a crime! That butt that you throw out onto the ground is garbage! It is no different than throwing your Styrofoam cup on the ground after you are done consuming that product. The complete disconnect of littering is disturbing to people who care about the appearance of their community and the habits of smokers is bad manners, selfish and possibly a fire hazard to the area in which you carelessly discarded your cigarette butt. This was also right after the crew finished cleaning that entire area to make it look nice. What right does a smoker have to throw their butt out of the window as if it will just “disappear.” It doesn’t, it is up to someone to clean up your mess or for it to get into the soil and take years to disappear.

I entertain and perform in that environment as a profession and understand that the venues that I am hired at allow that and my choice is to place myself in that environment. I suffer the consequences daily with a cough that is caused by someone else’s habit. Not always a wise choice, but work or go hungry?

My issue in this respect is the choice of an adult smoker to smoke in their vehicle with their children in the same small space. It is not only a lack of mature and intelligent responsible parenting, but it is criminal and borders on the laws of child cruelty. Here we are in 2013 with hundreds of studies and proof of the effects of second-hand smoke and you still choose to do this to your child that you brought into this world, held and protected as an infant, thanked God for this blessing and now you fill their lungs with carcinogens and poisons?

To me, all of you that do this are criminals and don’t deserve to have children if you are not trying your best to keep them healthy and free from your smoke. They will carry on this unhealthy tradition because they look up to you. Is this truly what you want for your child? A life of doctors, oxygen and emphysema?

What laws don’t apply to you because you are a smoker?

Fair is fair, smoke em’ if you got em’ but do it with respect to others and remember your manners.

Steve Hunter

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom