Spending, Obama style

The arrogance of Barack Obama is becoming more and more evident and is even starting to be disconcerting to his fawning supporters in the media. His “fundamental transformation of America” has finally revealed itself as a plan to create a permanent underclass dependent on government for everything and enslaved to the handout, voting for the party of the dole since there is no other option left.

Meanwhile, the Obama-engineered panic over the “sequester”, a minuscule reduction of federal spending growth, has failed to produce the nationwide angst that he hoped would encourage yet even more reckless spending. In a fit of childish pique, the Emperor even closed the White House ( the People’s house, not his ) to public tours, citing the cost of security.

The spending cuts don’t apply to His Highness, however, as he has continued to lavish taxpayer money on himself and his frequent flier jaunts. $7 million for a 3-day golf outing with Tiger Woods was apparently not quite enough, so this summer we the taxed class are being treated to ponying up for Barack and Michelle’s Excellent African Adventure. That’s right, folks. While you and I are wondering if we can afford to possibly visit the beach for one day this summer, our free-spending Great Leader is taking the family and a host of camp followers on a month-long African safari tour, to the tune of nearly $100 million taxpayer dollars.

Nobody can argue that the Great One needs a vacation. What with all the dodging questions, massaging the truth, deflecting inquiries, and sweating at the podium, the guy is worn out. He deserves a rest a permanent rest. This multi-million vacation trip should be put off and paid for by his well-heeled friends until he’s either convicted after impeachment, resigns in disgrace, or skulks out in January 2017. Any one of those three cannot happen soon enough.

Samuel Johns


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom