State taxes

During the past two years, Pennsylvania taxpayers continued to pay state taxes on their earnings and on their taxable purchases. All of this money was sent to Harrisburg, but a whole lot less of it came back to the local school districts than in prior years. As a result, public schools statewide have had to close neighborhood schools that has resulted in longer bus rides for kids; teachers and staff have been laid off and class sizes were increased for students, and unfair property taxes have been increased considerably.

So what happened to the tax money that went to Harrisburg? It was used to lower taxes for corporations, and nearly $125 million was given away in state grants, including a $2.4 million grant that went to the Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, despite the fact that Geisinger had a $36 million surplus in 2011. If the 2014 Pennsylvania budget is approved as it is presently being proposed, corporations can look forward to even more tax cuts funded by the State’s taxpayers who will also be paying high property taxes.

If you aren’t happy with this situation, now is the time to let your local state representative and state senator know how you feel about your taxes. By July 1, it will be too late. Act now, or pay high property taxes later!

David L. Faust