Stooping at anything

The oil and gas industry will stoop to anything. Logic and common sense dictates that if they were not afraid of the turning public opinion and the power of the people to stop this in Pennsylvania with more than 75 percent of Pennsylvanians (Republicans and Democrats) favoring a moratorium, they would not be wasting their time, spending the money, or chasing Josh Fox around the country… and McAleer would actually agree to debate Fox publicly, which he won’t.

It is also important to note that this particular screening of McAleer’s “Fracknation” is being funded and promoted by Greevy & Associates who “specialize in oil and gas law and estate planning” and are on retainer from the O&G industry, while Les Greevy and associate John Shoemaker are soliciting leaseholders to have them “manage and invest their royalty payments”.

It should also be noted that John Shoemaker is now the managing editor for the Sullivan Review which has consistently praised the gas industry, while never once mentioning any of the many law suits, complaints, DEP violations, EPA violations, spills, leaks, accidents, documented contaminations, etc., while taking huge amounts of money from the industry for full page ads in the past when the industry, in particular Chesapeake and Chief Oil and Gas, were busy soliciting landowners in NEPA to sign leases. John Shoemaker is also the president of the National Association of Royalty Owners – PA. So, it’s not like he does not have a personal vested financial interest in promoting gas drilling.

In contrast, Josh Fox’s “Gasland 2” free screening is being funded by the Responsible Drilling Alliance (RDA) of Williamsport.

“RDA is a grassroots group of dedicated citizens who have formed an alliance and welcome members with the widest possible concerns, interests and ideologies. RDA membership includes parents and grandparents, students, business people, hunters, fishermen, farmers, hikers, teachers, truckers, those who have leased their land to a gas company, and those who refused. RDA is an education and advocacy coalition. We seek to educate ourselves and the public about deep shale gas drilling and all of its ramifications. Through outreach programs, events, public forums, and our weekly e-letter, we strive to balance the conversation with authenticity. RDA advocates for federal, state and local regulations needed to protect our economy, environment, health, safety and quality of life.”

That’s why it’s always important to follow the money and look behind the curtain to see who’s spending it, and who’s getting it.

John A. Trallo Sr.


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom