Taken aback

When reading the Sun- Gazette’s coverage of the room tax in Lycoming County and how it is used to promote tourism here, I was taken aback when Jason Fink said “We wouldn’t be marketing. We really would not have a significant presence out there.”

I would contend that you do not need millions of dollars for marketing when services like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter are absolutely free and more people than ever use smartphones/computers to find out information versus the traditional methods. In fact, your marketing budget wouldn’t need to be above five figures if you used a search engine optimization company to push your message from the aforementioned services.

I was also taken aback by Mr. Fink’s commentary on the Visitors Information Center. The visitor’s information center does not serve a purpose in 2013 and the evidence is clear and convincing since it routinely looks abandoned. It has outlived it’s usefulness and can be put out to pasture without negatively affecting marketing efforts since I doubt anybody would notice if it closed.

Lastly, I challenge anyone to go find something that the County Visitors Bureau has put online to market the area; I’ve only found things put out by some of Williamsport’s most talented artists promoting the city or their own projects. Why do we fund the County Visitors Bureau when we appear to be trapped in the 1990s when it comes to our Internet presence?

Scott Rudinski


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom