Thankful to vets

A few weeks ago, my family went to Washington, D.C. We visited the Capital building and got to sit in the gallery and watch the Senate discussing a bill. We also visited the Smithsonian Air and Space and American History museums. While we were in D.C., we saw plenty of impressive artwork and architecture, such as paintings, buildings, and statues. But some of my favorite sites were the monuments, especially the war memorials. It was exciting seeing them for the first time, and it meant a lot more than just reading about them.

When I actually saw them, especially the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, it seemed more real. I thought a lot about the fact that all the names on the wall were real people with lives and families, just like me. Some of them probably thought they would see their families and homes again, but although many of them did not, they still went to serve their country. Many people would not do what they did, but I’m glad that some were willing. If it were not for their sacrifice, all the freedoms we enjoy and even take for granted wouldn’t be a reality. I am thankful for all our veterans and their sacrifice.

Benjamin Baker, 14