Thanks for nothing

I wrote a previous letter chastising the school board at Jersey Shore for unbridled spending. After reading the newsletter, it appears I was wrong. I actually owe them a debt of thanks for spending my money and that of other taxpayers in order make our schools a “safe, comfortable, cheerful place where children and teachers are happy to walk through the doors every day.”

I mean I’ll bet every taxpayer in the Jersey Shore Area School District have jobs that strive to meet that very goal. Not! I’ll bet their employers ask them regularly if they are happy to walk through those cheerful doors daily!

Also, after viewing the monstrosity that used to be the Roosevelt Junior High School, I can say the same for those drunken sailors! I have to wonder what gives these people the belief that they should blow through taxpayer moneys to build these showplaces? Roosevelt definitely need a 1 1/2- story glass atrium in the old gymnasium roof!

Perhaps this mindset is why we spend more and more money for “education” and continue to fall in the world rankings! I would suggest the board members examine the new International Business Times rankings that place the USA 17th in education and then read why the other 16 countries above us excelled and we didn’t!

Michael Gohrig


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom