They don’t hear us

It’s a wild guess but here goes my idea on this thought. We as American will not take to the streets to overthrow our elected officials and they know this. We are not like citizens in countries like France, Czech Republic, Egypt, Syria even Greece. There is something in our Philosophy of life that reminds us “living is more important.”

Now add the old game of checkers. To win at checkers one needs only to divide and conquer. How is this done to us as American citizens by our elected officials? Our elected officials keep dividing us into little groups and guess what there is no majority rule; there will only be minority groups. Our politicians have created this group or that group; to keep this group in line all it takes is lip service of what our elected politicians will do for them. We can’t stop this. Welcome to the world of political correctness.

John T. Kovich


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom