I am a local landlord who owns several rental properties in the Williamsport area. Mayor Campana has taken an interest in rental properties throughout our city. He has made great improvements to get local landlords to clean up their long neglected properties. The codes office now conducts rental inspections which should have been done years ago. The truth of the matter is neglected properties attract crime. I appreciate the effort made by our mayor, and I hope he continues with his efforts. My concern is the misconception that registering tenants with the codes office is somehow going to help the city of wmspt. Help with what exactly? This is a complete invasion of privacy for those people who rent. As a landlord, I am required to make sure the codes office has my information to contact me in case they should need to. I am not sure why the codes office would need to have a list of who my tenants are. You rent to one individual and a couple months later they move in someone else! This happens even if you are the best landlord in the city! This is an attempt to keep track of people. While I understand the emphasis is to deter crime, I think it is unconstitutional. That is scary.

Rhonda Santalucia