Unfair taxation

I have one question. I’m sure a lot of other retirees who own property want to know the same answer.

Why do we have to pay school taxes when we don’t have kids in school? The only answer I can come up with is that the reliefers who won’t work and have kids don’t have to pay, so I guess we old folks that worked all their lives to get what we have, we have to pay for the ones that get the free ride.

Our checks come from the government like the ones on welfare. The only difference is we worked hard for our money. I can’t get health insurance because I can’t afford it. I applied for a medical card until I turned 65, but I couldn’t get it either, but they wanted to give me $16.00 a month for food stamps.

I suppose if I didn’t own my home and didn’t work, I could get everything. I wasn’t brought up to live off the system. My parents worked hard for what they had and so did my husband and I. Our two grown kids support themselves. No being lazy and living off the government.

There are jobs out there. They may not pay a whole lot, but it’s a job. So get off your lazy butts. Enjoy your living.

Betty Records