A serious concern

You did a great job on the Monarch butterfly article two weeks ago. This is a very serious concern due to the fact that butterflies pollinate food plants as well as honey bees, which are also decimated by half in this country.

I’m told by a nice man at PennDOT they do not use full strength herbicide along highways. But they are going to cut back 12 feet from highways to keep motorists happy so deer do not run at in front of them.

Well, deer run out no matter what, especially in hunting season, and motorists should be aware and awake when operating any type of motor vehicles and not speed at close to 80 MPH and cause so many accidents that are deadly.

Motorists kill more people than deer do! Get a brain, would you people!

Also, the elderberry bushes along roads are nearly all gone. None to make jelly or pies and it is essential for immune systems to have this incorporated with them.

Man is a very greedy, destructive animal at times and cares for nothing but himself and money and games, etc.

You need a well-rounded education and get out of your house and go outside and look around you and appreciate nature before it’s all gone and if it’s all gone, scarier, we all be gone.

Animals are helpless against man and his money and greediness.

It’s a pity, crime and a shame.

Anyone as bright at man’s and he does as he does. It’s a sin really.

Stephanie Crayton