Acts of kindness

There is a song focused on the message of “you can make a difference”!

The Montoursville Community did this on July 17, 2013!

Often the social network and news media focuses upon high profile negative things happening in our world. The under lying message of negativism seems to neutralize the positive things that happen everyday.

Yesterday, July 17th was the 17th anniversary of Flight 800. The community of Montoursville, embraced a mission to induce others to receive and provide “Acts of Kindness” in the memory of our 16 students and 5 chaperones lost on that tragic day of July 17th, 1996.

My wife and I were one of many that received and “act of kindness” while trying to beat the heat at Eder’s Ice Cream store on Route 87. After handing the money to the young lady waiting on us, she informed us that my wife’s purchase was at “no charge”. She then handed us a blue and yellow ribbon, attached was a note explaining the meaning of the mission and a special request to remember Flight 800 individuals and their families.

Sometimes it is the simple things in life that create the most positive reactions. A simple offer to reduce our bill by $2.50 caused me to press my reset button and think in a more positive manner in the way I can help make the world a better place while placing my actions in order to remember to pray for the many people affected tragic thing that happen.

I applaud the organizers and participants taking actions and the business community of Montoursville for being a part of the “Acts of Kindness” mission. I hope that through their positive initiative will have a spontaneous reaction that others may think of acting positive on a daily basis.

It is time for our world to focus on the positives that may not be high profile negative news and make a difference as individuals.

“You Can Make A Difference” in our world by having small “Acts of Kindness” become common place in our lives.

Bill Burget


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom