All Trash People

To Phil Miller, thank you for recognizing me and 11 years Abigail Baker. “Wow” All the way from Montandon! Boy, wouldn’t it be nice if we could reach clear across America.

I know the impossible dream. You are right, Phil Miller, it’s not just beer cans, though. I’m not letting you guys off the hook, but yes, there is fast food trash! Now I ask all you trash people how you can afford to go out to eat a fast food place, but you can’t afford to take your trash home for your garbage man to haul away, duh!

What is wrong with this picture? I think if my memory serves me right, there used to be a commercial on T.V. way back in the 60’s about an Indian standing by the road and there was trash being blown around him and I think there was a tear coming down his cheek and he’s looking at you as if to say, whatever happened to my beautiful land?

Yep, you guess it, “trash people.” Maybe if they could take some of their goofy reruns commercial off and put some realistic commercial on about litter, I know what good that would be.

Well just maybe if one person would see that, maybe it could become a Catch 22. Oh well, nice try.

Again and again, good job to all the litter crew and to you, Abigail Baker, great job in heading in the right direction with your generation to help keep American beautiful.

Christin Manny

Cogan Station