An asset

I read with great interest Sunday’s story on the great working being done in our area by Mr. Klingerman.

I think he has greatly added to the quality of life here and has created so many jobs.

He is a true asset to our community.

With that said, I think it is absurd his plans for a tall office building is being put on hold for two years so town can use the empty lot for parking while, yet another, parking deck is built to replace the old one.

First off, how many parking decks does a town this side need? Instead of more parking decks or lots, why not some decent stores downtown besides Wegmans and Kohls?

Also, who is going to park by Market Street if they would have parked way over by Mulberry Street’s parking deck?

Why hold up a much needed addition to downtown, a nice building and more jobs?

Start this great building now.

Mark Bowers


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom