As a woman and a gamer, I am appalled at the column entitled “A Flagrant Feminist Failure”. Whether intentional or not, Brent Bozell managed to perfectly capture the attitude of most male gamers in his article. This entire opinion piece is written from a misogynist viewpoint and completely fails to take into account the gaming world as a whole, rather than the last few years when women as characters have improved slightly.

I can tell you that the world of games is inhospitable to women, filled with the fantasies of male gamers and threats of death and more against any woman who dares demand an accurate representation of herself in gaming. I’ve heard things that no human being should ever have to, along with sexist comments such as being told to “get back in the kitchen where I belong”. Anita Sarkeesian, whom the author of that piece mentions, knows all about that as well.

When it comes to in game options, I have to either play as a hypersexualized woman, or watch as women are relegated to NPC roles.

Sure, there are a few games where you can “customize” your character, but those options are still based on male fantasies of ideal women. Don’t believe me? See how many games actually allow you to make a character who isn’t small waisted and large chested. And the characters the author mentions? All highly sexualized, exception being Samus.

It’s alienating. Women represent one of the fastest growing groups of gamers, yet we are mistreated, threatened, belittled and deal with insults every time it’s found out that we’re women, because gaming is a boys club.

Jennifer Montz


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom