Arrogance beyond belief

Emperor Obama and family plus the legion of hangers-on just returned from a $100 million vacation in Africa. Now, the ever-vacationing elitist is taking the family to the toney Martha’s Vineyard in August for yet another 10-day vacation! Golf with Tiger, Christmas in Hawaii, an African fun tour, and now the posh retreat on the Vineyard. When is this guy going to stop lavishing taxpayers’ money on himself while the rest of us can barely afford to gas up the car?

Instead of fessing up to the truth about the Benghazi fiasco, the ever-growing IRS scandal, the NSA spying on Americans, and the general misconduct of his sad administration, this poor excuse for a leader is doing all he can to try and deflect attention from the nation’s problems by waving something shiny in front of the easily swayed. He really should stay in Washington and try to shut up Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson before they, along with the swarmy Eric Holder, ignite a race war. But avoiding issues is his stock in trade, and sadly, he keeps getting away with it.

Samuel Johns


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom