CAC etiquette

My wife and I attended the Rodger Hodgson concert last evening at the CAC. Excellent show by a very classy guy. Unfortunately, quite a few people in attendance didn’t show the same amount of class.

There were at least a dozen ignorant bozo’s who showed up after the show began, some as late as 20 minutes. We were in row J, so we only saw those tardy folks that were in front of us. I presume there were more behind us.

Rodger made it a point on three occasions to mention the fact that there were people who were just showing up and perhaps, he should start the show over again. A classy way of saying “Your late”. I would not have been so kind.

Now I know there are reasons to be late but, for so many last evening, I think it was more of a “look at me, I was someplace else more important and I just couldn’t get here in time”. It was neither fashionably late nor cool, in my opinion. It was just downright rude.

Then, to make matters worse, during the entire 90-minute show, people were constantly up and down, back and forth, doing whatever it was they were doing. It was extremely distracting to those of us in the audience, and especially those people who were unfortunate enough to have to move for you. I have to think it was more than distracting to the performers on stage.

We were embarrassed for our community to have some folks put on such a display of inconsideration. I wonder what Rodger and his group really thought of Williamsport?

It doesn’t take much effort to arrive a few minutes ahead of time and take care of whatever business you need to take care of before you find your seat. It would make for a much more enjoyable event for all of those in attendance.

David Strickler


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom