I’d like to commend both Ida Temple on her letter (Was it racism) and Gregory L. Weigle on his letter (The trial) that was in the July 21 edition. As always Ida has hit the nail right on the head and her insight should be well heeded.

For the most part these last two or three generations have progressively tore away the very fiber of what this nation was built on with their I want, I want, and give me, give me mind set. Not many have any accountability nor do they want to be accountable for their actions or own responsibility. For quite some time now the mind set of many is that they do not have to work and earn anything, the man (government) will provide everything. I the law of the land for which we are governed by does’nt suit them, they want to just ignore it because ” it was meant for some one else”. This is quite evident from the top of the government right down to the (under privilege).

Ida’s last sentence of her letter pretty much sums it up, if I may quote ( It is time for all of us to stop awarding those who break the law, now matter the race or position in life. Also I’d like to add is Gregory Weigle’s take on the Zimmerman trial. I whole heartily agree with him about these high profile office holders and public celebrities turning this case into a national outrage. Mr. Weigle’s last two sentences of his letter defines our present time for history.

Again, I like to quote if I may, (The only thing accomplished is now the nation is more divided racially. We’re back in the 60’s folks, no thanks to this administration.

George Lockett


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom