Dear America

You are known as the most powerful nation on Earth. Your closest competitors for that distinction are Russia and China. It is a title earned after World War II.

What gave you the rights to that title were multiple assets, among which were:

1. A population of citizens willing to devote and, if necessary, give their lives in your service. This trend has continued through all confrontations with foreign armies. Even through Vietnam, when service members were blamed for the war.

2. An industrial base which allowed a level of mobilization sufficient to repel and defeat the Axis and Japanese powers.

3. Some great leaders – Eisenhower, Patton, Bradley, Schwarzkof, et al. Men to whom honor and integrity were most important attributes. Men who shared the risk to life and limb with those they led.

4. A population in which a value of self-sufficiency had been instilled. It was shortly after “The Great Depression” and life was hard.

5. War Time Footing meant that sayings like, “Loose lips sink ships,” were taken very seriously – to the point of execution for violating secrecy.

6. Your “National Debt” was seen as necessary to win the war.

7. A media which, while prying for facts, also recognized that its freedoms relied heavily upon the successful performance of a nation in competition with other nations.

So, my beloved America, where do you now stand? How would the above conditions be seen through the prism of today’s glass?

1. A very large percentage of your population seems to feel that they are protected from local and international “evil” by local laws.

2. Your industrial base has been brought to its knees by a combination of environmental concerns, cheap overseas labor and high labor union demands. Many are without jobs.

3. Public attention is concentrated and brought to bear on the human failings of your military leaders as they are proven to be humans with human failings.

4. A great many of your population rely on you for their daily nourishment as well as funds for sundry items.

5. War Footing seems to relate to the years long effort to introduce democracy into a region which has rejected democracy since before the crusades.

6. Your “National Debt” is used to enable politically motivated programs which appear to allow “prevailing wage” practices as well as to enable or encourage the subjugation of your citizens.

7. Your media seems to feel entitled to know your most secret efforts as well as the right to be the first to publicize information – seemingly without regard to consequences.

I fear for your continued existence as the America so many have given so much to protect. Are you able to once again rear citizens capable of meeting the challenges of today’s world? Or, will you allow history’s past proven cycles of Tyranny, Revolution, Freedom, Dependence and Tyranny to repeat?

With obedience, your servant, an old soldier.

John E. Backman