Discrimination to certain body types

Our glorious President says we all need to get health insurance. That may sound like a great idea to him since we pay for his and his familys. My wife is one of the unfortunate ones that can’t afford health insurance on the money she makes. She hardly ever is sick and never misses work and for the most part is in good health.

We called the company about health insurance and they wouldn’t insure her because she was 20 pounds overweight. This I feel is discrimination and not fair. She did find a company that would insure her for like 1/4 of her net pay after taxes with a $5000.00 deductible. Why even bother when you may see a doctor once a year if that.

Our president did one thing! He screwed the middle-income people and helped the upper class people. In my opinion, the federal government should help the middle income and low income get health insurance down to where we can afford to get it!!

Craig Galligher


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom