Drug activity

Everybody in Williamsport is aware of the heroin being used in our town. People are so quick to judge Mayor Campana and Eric Linhardt when they are willing to step up to the public and make them aware of the problems.

We need to step up and support the police and law enforcement that are working hard to take care of the rise of heroin and violent crimes in our community. The public’s cooperation is very much needed and everybody needs to cooperate and work together.

Many people have talked about the Neighborhood Watch Groups. Now is when we need the support of such groups to help law enforcement more than ever. Neighborhood Watches are not what they were years ago. The program has been updated and very helpful to the authorities. We need to take accountability and take action instead of excuses. Williamsport and law enforcement need us as citizens to take action and support what they are trying to accomplish. As far as the shooting that occurred last Saturday, the shooter walked right into the house and shot the man. Why was that door unlocked? With the drugs and people having guns, every citizen should keep their doors locked at all times.

When you attend a Neighborhood Watch meeting these are just a few of the things that are discussed. We discuss being aware of your surroundings, watching out for your neighbors, especially if on vacation, collecting data, or anything that can be reported to the authorities.

We need to step up and stop making excuses if we want the problems to get solved. We need to fight back to take control of our city and stop drugs and violent crimes.

Sally L Wiegand


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom