At the recent Sportmen’s Mini-Summit, hosted by the Sportsmen Alliance for Marcellus Conservation, it was enlightening to hear representatives from the Pennsylvania Game Commission speak about where and how shale gas development is occurring on state game lands.

As a hunter and an angler, I appreciated the Commission’s willingness to be forthright about how it decides to develop its land for shale gas development and the processes it is putting in place to limit impacts on fish and wildlife. I realize we need to work together to balance the needs of energy development, while maintaining a sporting heritage in the Commonwealth. As a Trout Unlimited member and staff person, working to protect fish and wildlife habitat, I’m encouraged that the Game Commission is willing to work with sportsmen and women to preserve those areas with which we have been blessed and be able to pass that heritage along to the next generation.

Trout Unlimited and the Sportsmen Alliance for Marcellus Conservation look forward to working with the Commission to distribute this important information to all hunters and anglers in Pennsylvania.

Paula Piatt


Eastern Sportsmen Organizer

Trout Unlimited

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom