In a recent letter to the editor, the writer claimed that Ronald Reagan was what was wrong with this country. I was stunned by that statement, but as I continued to read, I had an epiphany. I have always known that liberals hate freedom, but I could never understand it, but this letter filled in the blank that I had always missed.

Liberals hate freedom because they fear it. Freedom brings with it personal responsibility. Freedom gives us not only the opportunity for great success, but the possibility of failure. That possibility of failure scares liberals so much that they cannot tolerate freedom. They demand that government control everything and protect them from any consequences of their actions. They willingly surrender all freedom to any government which promises them protection from failure.

This becomes understandable when you realize that liberals are at war with God. While most of us rely on God’s protection, liberals cannot. They have done everything they can to distance themselves from Him. That puts them in a very frightening position. The founders of this country knew that the kind of freedom they proposed could only be enjoyed by a moral and religious people.

Liberals reject any meaningful notion of God and therefore have placed their faith in government. While some liberals claim to believe in God, what they really believe in is a god of their own making. Such a god is of little help in time of trouble, so they need government to fall back on.

The bottom line when it comes to freedom is that those of us who are Christians will always have a freedom that others cannot understand, but those who are not will never be free no matter the system of government we have.

Paul Rinker


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom


Man has proven time and time again that he is unable to rule himself. From the time that Cain decided to take God’s authority into his own hands by killing his own brother Abel, Man has used his lust for power to deny freedom to others.

Now it is America’s turn. While I believe these United States of America were founded on Christian principles, there have always been Men infected with a need for authority over others. The dreaded (to some) Ten Commandments form the basis for our laws of governance and helped form our Bill of Rights. While some may have a problem with the first four, five through ten are honored in our system of laws. The antithesis of these laws is anarchy. And if you thought Occupy Wall Street was a great idea, maybe that’s why you may not believe in the Ten Commandments.

Our Bill of Rights is under attack by our own government. Didn’t these Men who ran for our trust take an oath to “protect and defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic”? Yet this oath has turned into just a formality to seemingly more and more men and women who run for public office. It is now looked upon by some as a “get richer” scheme, with its lifetime perks and pension benefits. I have heard that it cost the Democratic Party upwards of $1 billion to win the presidency. As our reward, the freedoms of our citizens are being attacked and challenged. Not a very good “return on investment” I’d say.

Recently, a non-Christian group presented a petition to our government with 57 signatories, stating that their religion was being unfairly targeted by United States law enforcement agencies in its training manuals. And, amazingly, their petition was honored, even though United States military personnel are being killed in a “conflict” with warriors called jihadists around the world. The end result of this insanity is that our law enforcement’s training manuals no longer mention our enemies. If I, as a Christian, gathered 100 signatures on a petition to the government to allow a cross on a piece of public land, would that be honored? I think not. Which is more dangerous to the country our military and law enforcement not being able to train against a known enemy of the United States, or a cross on public land somewhere? You don’t think our freedom is under attack?

Drones, wire taps without warrant, speech monitored, all invasions of privacy, targeting citizens for supporting political office challengers, even protection of certain religious groups? Oh, that’s right, it’s not Christianity. The list of methods of subjugation and denying of Constitutional Rights goes on.

If government is your god, this letter is meaningless. Those on the “Free Ride” should have no complaints, except to be a helpless “victim of the system” needing more and more benefits because “it’s not fair” that my neighbor has something that I don’t. I believe that one day there will be refugees from the United States for political and religious reasons if “their” vision of the U.S. is not reversed. God help us.

Gregory Weigle

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom