Get act together

Williamsport School District Officials get your act together. Many parents are outraged about your bus scheduling for the next school year. So-called rumors are taking all ex-Round Hills students to Lycoming Middle School by bus and then putting the students on other buses to Jackson Elementary School and maybe Hepburn Elementary School while dropping off the students at Lycoming Valley Middle School for the now-corrected ages. Many parents were misled to what school to choose for their children.

Now some parents wanted their children to be at Hepburn and there is a bus to pick them up at the new school(s) zones but now you are stating that Hepburn is full and need to be on a waiting list for Hepburn. So now all these students have to be bused to Jackson. We want answers.. outgoing President (that gets moving money and makes probably more then most mayors or police people)!

What did the new Junior-High School cost taxpayers, millions to change? We are not residential “Williamsport Millionaires”

Jamie Aderhold


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom