Hammers and nails

There is an axiom which says: “If all you have is a hammer, every problem becomes a nail.” This perfectly describes the left wing liberal groups which uses the so called “Race Card” as a hammer for every argument.

President Obama was supposed to be a post-racial president. His elections were supposed to be proof his race did not matter, and yet every disagreement with the choices about how he is ruining this country is only countered by widely swinging that race hammer! I think he is incompetent. I think he is bankrupting this country, and those hammer wielding loons see another nail.

The race hammer only sees George Zimmerman as guilty, and thinks that O. J. Simpson was innocent. The race hammer is swung with lethal force against Paula Deen! It is not like she owned slaves in her past. Do apologies or explanations matter? Not to hammerers!

Funny though, these hammer swinging menaces never do see their own hypocrisy when the tables are turned, and their own go into public racial rants, especially if they are celebrities! And of course, reverse discrimination is never considered by these hammer swinging bigots!

How about just putting the hammer down. Leave race out of the argument for once, and just consider the facts on their own merit. Every fact is not a nail.

Keith McAndrew


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom