Hoops in Memorial Park

Children go to the Public Parks in Williamsport to enjoy play time. Is it fair for them to have to be subjected to Cigarette Butts, Syringes from Drug Users, and Broken Glass? These are unsanitary conditions and is not fair to children in our community.

The people on Facebook and concerned citizens should become involved and see just what is happening in the Park.

Nothing can be solved on the computer you need to have somebody checking the park.

A Neighborhood Watch was formed in that area so contact them and they will help to solve the problems in the park.

It is so easy to get on Facebook and try and solve the problems with everybody forming their opinions and discussing what should be done. That is certainly not the way to go about solving the problem. Forming a Watch Group would be the logical way to go about solving problems in the park.

Mayor Campana is doing what he feels is the right thing and that is to take the hoops down. If that doesn’t work after 2 weeks it continues then take them down again. Maybe some body will wake up then and get working for a solution. In the next 2 weeks would be a good time when parents and interested persons on Facebook would try to come up with a solution to the problem so this doesn’t happen a second time. It is important that all children have a safe and clean park to enjoy and under sanitary conditions.

Sally L. Wiegand


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom