How sad

I was driving up 4th Street on Sunday afternoon and what I saw made me think about how our city is putting out-of- towners and their wants and needs in front of the people who have lived and worked, paid taxes in Williamsport all of their lives.

I saw many people including many children holding up signs to save Memorial Pool. Why in a city the size of Williamsport do we have only one pool which is very small, the only place for kids to swim? How are the kids from the West End to get there? Some of these kids have no way to get to East End. I think that it is crazy that with all of the supposed gas money coming into the county or city that the pool cannot be fixed, but we can spend and lose thousands on an outdoor hockey team who stuck us with a hefty bill.

I am fortunate to have a pool for my children but when I was growing up my brother and I spent many days at the city pools. A lot of people complain about kids running the streets being up to no good but there is not much in Williamsport for kids to do. Mayor Campana, please start taking care of the needs and wants of the people who call Williamsport home and less on the people who are just here to drill wells and then move on. Mayor Campana, start listening to the needs and wants of the people who have called Williamsport home all of their lives. Find the money and fix memorial pool.

Lauri Huther


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom