Lame excuse

For any person to claim the Hotel Tax in Lycoming County is crucial for promoting the area is a lame excuse for neglecting all of rural Lycoming County. The only purpose for promoting the city of Williamsport is to sacrifice the quaint beauty and the few areas of our state that can claim a sparse population and a rural setting, which our ancestors and residents have always treasured and enjoyed beyond reproach.

Take a look at downtown Williamsport and the highway traffic leading into and out of it. If one can’t see what I see, then they shouldn’t be driving an automobile.

The promotional antics being performed by the Visitor’s Bureau, County commissioners, Lycoming Chamber of Commerce and the state Legislature has one purpose in mind for their backing and decision making.

It is all about making money for the city of Williamsport and the owners of the businesses within city limits. Proprietors of other businesses in the rural areas of our county profit very little from tourists who are lured into Williamsport, and percentage-wise, this cannot be denied. They are patronized and supported mainly by local residents throughout the year.

Why all the animosity and ill will expressed towards Rep. Rick Mirabito? Is it a case where birds of a feather flock together? His line of reasoning is right in line with many of his constituents who voted him into office.

Weldon C. Cohick Jr.