Make the difference

Ms Marjorie Danley wrote a good letter about all of us no matter what political party you belong to you need to go and vote. While she addresses the apathy of potential voters she was remiss in other aspects. The continue fight to block people from voting and the continued undermining of the voting process. We also fail to address how money has tarnish the voting process in this country.

When you have a public that perceives the governmental body as corrupt and unyielding you are not going to get many to vote. When they see the voting process as discriminatory and a game for the wealthiest they are not going to vote. When you make it tedious and time consuming to vote they are not going to vote every time. When people see that their vote does not count they don’t vote.

Telling people it is their civic duty and their right to vote will not entice them to vote. They have to feel that they are vested in the process and to be honest our political parties have done more to disinvest the voters. A majority of people do not feel they are vested in the voting process.

Charles M. Reeder


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom