My 2 cents

It is a common mis-conception that landlords are wealthy. We’re just having a grand old time with all the money you pay in rent. So lets see where that money actually goes. Yes you pay the mortgage, fire insurance, liability insurance, city real estate tax, school district tax, county taxes. Then there are repairs to the property. If at the end of the year a landlord actually makes a profit it’s taxed as income. In return the landlord provides a roof over your head.

Rental properties are a business. You signed a lease you know the rules up front. You wouldn’t go to any other business and tell them the prices are to high you should pay half. Landlords have no control over how much water,elec, gas or oil you use. The key words here are you use, not the landlord.

Maybe you should contact the water company and ask them to pay half after all they sent you the bill.

There’s also a good chance when you move you will stick your landlord with an unpaid water bill!

Lorraine Smith


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom