My adopted hometown

Williamsport and its surrounding areas are a great place to live, raise a family, participate in community activities, obtain an education, and make lifelong friendships. My husband and I moved into the Williamsport area 25 years ago from Altoona. Altoona and Williamsport have much in common regarding size, population, and general demographics, yet are different in so many ways. We raised our 3 children here who participated in many sporting activities, wonderful local music school, attended college here, formed friendships, and are raising their own families here. The transition this city has gone through since we moved here is amazing!

Many mornings I walk a 7 to 9 mile stretch that runs from my home in Old Lycoming Township through Newberry, over the now Abe Howard Memorial Bridge through DuBoistown, South Side, over the Maynard Street Bridge, across the dike, and back home through our wonderful downtown. Each day I am amazed at the growth and metamorphosis “my wonderful adopted hometown ” has undergone since I moved here 25 years ago. I marvel at the special downtown we have created with wonderful, homegrown musical talent that fills the air almost every weekend.

I am amazed at the unique eateries that seem to open up every month or so. I see the shops that steadfast shop owners of downtown worked hard to build and maintain through the best and worst of economic times. When friends and family come to visit from Altoona they are amazed at what my family has so easy access to.

None of this could have been accomplished without people and many longtime residents who had vision and were willing to take risks. None of this would be possible without the residents of this city who daily and weekly choose to spend their time and hard earned money in our downtown. I am so excited and proud to see new changes on my daily walk abouts in my hometown.

Christine Vicars


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom