A police officer in Hawthorne, California shot a man’s dog recently. It was not done as self defense in any means. The video is up all over the internet. What outrages me about this is the fact that the precinct he works for is defending him saying that it was in fact self-defense.

The dog jumped out of it’s owner’s car and looked at the police that had it’s owner handcuffed. It began to sniff the ground and trot around. One of the policemen made a sudden movement towards the dog in an attempt to pick up the leash. The dog reared back in surprise as most if not all do.

The officer fired on it 4-5 times in public, appalling all the onlookers. I for one am outraged at this because this man is guilty of cruelty to animals and should be convicted as such. Instead, he’s being defended by those that had seen it happen.

Matt Scheffey


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom