Poor roads

Regarding the state and federal government not giving municipalities and cities funding for street repairs and repavements, whether the state and fed is broke or not, we need decent roads to use.

Poor roads:

A. Cause car damages and repairs and worn out shocks (costly).

B. Worn out tires, $980 to $1,700.

C. Car needs alignment, $80 for only one end of car.

D. Worn springs in car seats.

E. Can cause physical injury riding for years on rough roads to a person’s insides.

F. People can fall in potholes and break a leg or ankle or foot or worse, fall into traffic and get hit.

Three years is quite long enough to wait for decent roads here. Maybe we should all bill our towns for damages! I know they want to wait till all digging is done, etc., but that situation has gone on too long now.

You should see Main St., South Williamsport, eastside, 700 block. You should see Sherman St. in Williamsport. Newberry I hear is hideously bad. Maybe photos of offending areas should be presented to cities, states and federal governments along with the bills for repairs!

In May, I had my alternator nearly fall off my car due to the roads. $60 repair bill! Do something, people!

Stephanie Crayton