Regarding Route 220

There has been a lot of talk about Route 220. Years ago there was an article published in the Sun-Gazette about building a bypass as part of the I99 corridor. This bypass was to start near the Woodward Township fire hall, follow the river and end just south of the intersection of Route 287. All of the money that has been spent on studies, lane changes and “awareness” is a waste.

It is not natural for drivers to be driving on a highway/interstate and have to slow down from 65 to 45 mph regardless of wether they are paying attention. The section where the highway goes from 4 to 2 lanes near Route 287 is also a hazard, compressing the traffic flow. The fact that there is such a drop in traffic velocity through this area causes traffic to back up. If a bypass is not going to be built, then this section of highway should be made limited access where there are long lines of sight.

Kirk Marshall


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom