Secondhand smoke

Wow, what a letter Mr. Steve Hunter. Almost exceeded the amount of words you can write.

So you got a cough from smokers around you at work. I didn’t think there was a business where you were allowed to smoke anymore! So if you’re outside, that’s your own fault.

I’m a smoker and I don’t smoke in a vehicle or around my kids. I don’t throw butts around either. Let’s talk about the real dangers, drunks!

Now they really kill. How many times I had a drunk in front of me, swerving from lane to lane. I didn’t get close enough to get his plate numbers, but the second I got the chance, I passed him. What a joke.

One thing I do agree on is people who smoke with their children in the car. I have seen people throw out a butt and a motorcycle was behind them.

I hear from all of the seniors where I got about my smoke outside. I don’t cough, I don’t drink.

It’s my life, so be it. I’m 74 years old and still walk miles. I’m very active. Write about the drunks killing people. They take their license away, but they still drive drunk.

Put them in jail for a little while, or make them sit in the E.R. for a day.

Donna J. Lambert