Stop playing God

When will we stop condemning others for the same things that most of us do or have done in the past? Is it due to attorneys who offer a person money if they sue another for being offended? Most of us from all races have at least once used bad language and racial slurs. It is usually done because of being angry with another and wanting to get even

When somebody offends us we rush to find an attorney to sue. Is this to get free money from those who have worked hard and are now making a lot of it? It sure seems to be the way in the past fifteen to twenty years.

For instance, a disgruntled employee of Paula Deen who was the manager of her restaurant decided to sue because of something that may have, or not, occurred to the female manager of this restaurant.

Often we humans speak before we think and usually due to anger. I am sure this female manager has done so, too.

Most of us have held a job where the aforementioned has taken place; guys and girls flirting and making remarks to pretty women and handsome men, using curse words when something doesn’t go right, or even using a racial slur because of our anger at a fellow employee. Is it right? Of course not. None of us are God or perfect!

Because we may feel we were offended, does not mean that we should run to a lawyer and sue an employer, or anybody else for that matter.

When it happens at work we need to go the employer and, in private, voice our grievances. I am sure that if we were to do this then our life at work would be smoother. This goes for the former manager of Paula Deen.

Ms Deen has worked hard to get where she is, and I applaud her. She has accomplished a lot in her lifetime. I am sure that she did not gain it by suing another.

All of us have a tendency to believe that “Money is the root of all evil.” However, it is not the money but the greed. Most of us, I include myself, wish to have it all, money and the things it buys.

Ida Temple


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom