Summer cleaning

On July 1, every year people who raise pheasants and other game birds, all over the world, must begin summer cleaning of the brooder. Waterers must be cleaned and refilled with fresh water at least once a day.

The brooder floor should have all droppings, wood shaving litter, with a flat shovel fathered up and hauled far away from the baby pheasants and spread on pastured land or around the base of hardwood trees, once a week for the rest of the summer.

Take each feeder and clean thoroughly (dry) clean once a week or as needed, put in clean feed. If you feed granite grit, either by spreading on top of feed in feeder and or placing granite grit in its own hopper where birds may eat daily.

Examine fresh air flow through brooder, so that all birds have fresh air to breath with window slightly raised or fan ventilation that you know will work.

Do not overstock the brooder, no more than four birds per square foot, between two and six weeks of age. Avoid feather picking or cannibalism by giving more space per bird. Install roosts 12 inches off the floor or more.

Herbert C. Jordan