The perfect spot

I am in Kabul, Afghanistan, not far from the Presidential Palace, so I am in the perfect spot to disagree with the June 26th article” Taliban attack shows militant spirit unbroken”. The idea that things are worse is not accurate. Taliban is dealing with the US and is looking for the opportunity to regain power as we prepare to draw down. However under Taliban is a coalition of aligned terrorist groups and drug criminals. When Taliban took credit for the recent attacks it was as a face saving measure.

The attacks were actually the Haqqani Group a Mujahidin crime family formerly on the US payroll and a favorite of Texas Congressman Charlie Wilson. The Haqqanis have separate leadership command and control and if the current peace efforts go through as now constituted they fear that they will be left out of any negotiated settlement. There have been a recent string of sophisticated attack which are beyond the ability and ambition of Taliban. Disguises, fake Identity Documents and large scale multi-pronged attacks are the hallmark of the Haqqani family.

Most importantly, the U.S. and NATO have turned primary responsibility of defense over to The Afghan National Army (ANA) and the ANA has stood its ground and prevailed. They crushed the terrorists at the Presidential Palace, at the CIA HQ and at the Airport. The Court House bombing was limited to those Afghan nationals killed in the initial blast. This is crucial to understanding the current situation.

The ANA stood on its own two feet and held its ground without any major support from the US or NATO. This is what we have strived for; Afghans defending the Rule of Law in Afghanistan against criminal elements. This has been our goal and our efforts are bearing fruit. Rather than cries from the nattering nabobs of negativity we should take pride in the progress in Afghanistan.

Thank you for the Sun- Gazette web site. Even far from home and my family I feel the glow of the home fires when I read your paper online and hear of my friends and family.

Barry O’Connell


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom