The region’s mindset

James Carville was wrong when he once described Pennsylvania, due to the right wing mentality of the people in the central portion of the state, as being “Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with Alabama in between.” Judging from the frequent comments coming from some of the readers of the Sun-Gazette, they apparently live in some sort of alternate universe where President Obama, liberals and Democrats are responsible for all the evil and ills of the entire world. Their perception and hence their reality is that conservatives, Republicans and Tea Party aficionados are the true defenders of the Constitution and morality in the U.S. and that everyone else is wrong.

This mindset in the Williamsport area is fueled in part by the Sun Gazette. The newspaper’s constant barrage of anti-Obama cartoons, one-sided editorials and political rants by right- wing commentators are an affront to meaningful and intelligent news reporting.

Ron Kamzelski


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom

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