The storms of life

The storms in life are just like the storms in the world around us. Some being light rain and an occasionally crack of thunder and lightning. Others generate huge supercell storms with spiraling winds up to 300 mph. Obviously the destruction from the light rain is mostly found on outdoor events and people moods. However, the devastation a supercell storm brings can be life altering and even life ending. Our spiritual life is very similar.

We can be devastated by mega storms and even let them take our God giving life away. One major difference in the spiritual realm and the world around us is our free will to choose the devastating powers these storms bring. All people will experience hardships. Some of us will stand up and allow the storm to bring in fresh life. We embrace change when we know we don’t like what we have now. But when you are content with all that you have, and perhaps even very happy with it, change can come into your life just like one of these super storms.

Don’t get discouraged. Don’t allow the bitterness to seep into your life or allow fear to paralyze your every ambition.

The end isn’t after the storm, No! That is just the beginning. An opportunity to wipe the slate clean and allow some new and improved character, integrity, and love to fill the void the storm made visible. It is my hope for you, that the next time you experience one of life’s storms, no matter how big or small, you keep going past the rain, wind, thunder and lightning, to witness the light break through the clouds as if the light itself was made from gold.

Derek Krause


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom