The trial

My take. A small town in Florida had an incident last year. It seems a neighborhood watch guy, who is Hispanic, saw someone he didn’t know in his gated community. Due to a number of robberies in the housing tract, he called the police for advice and minutes later was confronted by this outsider. A scuffle ensued and the Hispanic guy, fearing for his life, shot and killed his attacker who turned out to be a black teenager. Florida law said he was within his rights to defend himself and no charges were filed.

Then the New York Times invented a new term “white Hispanic”. They also produced a picture of the victim when he was an 11 year old boy, not the 17 year old young man that he was. What, to me, is more egregious is that the President, the Attorney General, and the FBI and even the U.N. inserted themselves in this small town incident. Two men have a struggle and a gun goes off and, unfortunately, kills a young man and the U.N. and this Administration gets involved?! Bail is raised to One Million dollars, and the FBI investigates Mr. Zimmerman to try to prove he’s a racist?! I haven’t seen them getting involved in any of the shooting deaths here. Why not?

What made this case so important to the president, the A.G. and the FBI? Why did the Sheriff get fired? It was because the case didn’t meet the law’s requirements to file charges and he wouldn’t arrest Mr. Zimmerman. Why was the states’ Attorney General replaced? We will never know why the full law enforcement resources of the United States of America were brought to bear into this small town tragedy. The “great healer of the races” has turned the loss of one young man’s life in a small town in Florida into a national outrage.

The only thing accomplished is now the nation is more divided racially. We’re back in the 60’s folks, no thanks to this administration.

Gregory L. Weigle

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom