Too many excuses

On July 15, an article was printed in the paper representing a lie. Ms. Irish Griffin believes that if the Memorial Park Pool isn’t reopened crime will increase. That, no matter how you twist it, is an excuse. When the pool was opened, it was a haven for violence. The existence of the pool did nothing to deter crime in Williamsport. Do you want a resolution to the crime? Be active within Neighborhood Watch Groups within your community. Stop protecting the people around you that you know are breaking the law.

Do you really believe that a pool is going to deter grown adults from dealing drugs? If you do the problem is worse than I thought.

I hear a lot of talk, a lot of plans, but I don’t see any real action. I do agree with one thing that Ms. Griffin said the local communities need to contribute to themselves, but more so, the city needs to allow them to do so. It doesn’t matter what donations someone contributes if the city isn’t willing to use the money for its intended purpose.

I’m completely fine with the reopening of Memorial Park Pool, but don’t use it as an excuse for the violence and crime, because it’s not an excuse. Many of our problems here in Williamsport start with responsible or rather irresponsible parenting. Teach your children to respect others, that is the starting point, know where your children are and what they are doing.

I’m all for parents of communities stepping up and doing something to change the way the city is. I admire that in Ms. Griffin and I believe that’s all she truly wants, is change. But in order for there to be change, the excuses need to stop, accountability and action need to be taken, and the City of Williamsport needs to support it.

Fixing the pool will give our children something to do, but it won’t rid the city of drugs. I believe the pool deserves a second chance, but reopening the pool will not fix the problems you believe it will. The problems you want resolved are going to require an action much more extreme; The city needs to fight back!

Wesley Hickok


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom