I am writing this letter to complain about an article that appeared in your paper a few weeks ago about a candle causing a fire in a ” local massage parlor”.

Massage “Therapists” are licensed in the state of Pennsylvania. We had to go through criminal background checks, get referrals, provide validation of at least 600 hours of education, and were scrutinized very carefully at the state level. We, massage therapists, have fought long and hard to gain recognition as a legitimate profession and articles such as the one published in your paper do us a grave injustice. It shows a thorough lack of knowledge about a profession which enables people to be more stress free, pain free, and more at ease in their bodies.

Massage Therapists work with people from diverse backgrounds and age categories. Many hospitals hire Massage Therapists to work with Palliative Care patients in the end stages of their journey here on earth. The newly passed legislation on Affordable Health Care provides language requiring the availability of Health Care Teams which include Complimentary Practioners to include Chiropractors, Accupuncturists, Massage Therapists, etc.

It is unfortunate that the particular office mentioned in your article chose to use a real candle with flames in her practice. There are many flameless candles available to lend ambience in a treatment room if that is what is incorporated into a Massage Therapy setting. I recently subscribed to your newspaper because I started seeing a number of diverse noteworthy articles. I used to refer to the Sun-Gazette as the ” Corn Field Crier” and recently changed my opinion of the paper. Now, I am having second thoughts.

Cynthia F Fox


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom