What business needs

As a small business owner, I don’t need a government handout or a special tax break. But what I do need is the policy certainty and economic stability that only a long-term deficit reduction deal can provide.

As a co-chair of the Pennsylvania chapter of the Campaign to Fix the Debt, I was invigorated to be invited to speak at the Pennsylvania Small Business Day at the Capitol, an event led by the National Federation of Independent Business on Monday in Harrisburg. I discussed the debt’s impact on small businesses and the immediate need for Congress to address it. I hope that Senators Pat Toomey and Bob Casey of Pennsylvania will take note of these types of efforts around America and assist in the production of legislation to address the problem in a meaningful, bipartisan fashion.

A plan to reduce the deficit and put the debt on a downward trajectory as a share of the economy would provide greater certainty, and as a result, provide the confidence necessary for businesses to make the proper investments that will ensure their success. It would also increase opportunities for small businesses to hire more workers and contribute to a stronger economy. I urge you to check out the Campaign to Fix the Debt, and to call your representatives in Washington. For the sake of small businesses across the state and around the country, we must fix the debt.

Thomas Rippon

President, Rippon Associates, LLC


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom