What’s needed

Landlords pay a large portion of the taxes, yet, because we do not live in the city, we have no say in how our taxes are spent. We can’t vote or be on committees.

Landlords want a safe town, where tenants 10 year old children enjoy the same privileges of playing and walking to the candy store in the evening without their parents feeling they have to hire an armed guard.

Mayor Campana needs a committee of mom and pop landlords who have council’s ear and actually listen.

The water authority is out of control, supposed to be an arm of the city, but operates totally without the interest of the city. Now we are to seeing another tax raise. Because of high crime landlords cannot attract good tenants. Now they are trying to register good tenants. Just like the volunteer horse deal , next, will come the hand out to pay for the administration nightmare.

Mim Logue


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom