What she fears most

I received an E- mail the other day I found to be most interesting; it was a women testifying before some committee and she said that she was not afraid of the crook at her door robbing her, because if her dog didn’t get him she would.

Rather she had more fear of the crooks in Washington robbing her of her rights and her money. Food for thought, don’t you think? Col. West said we can handle the enemy at our gate, but the enemy in our ranks is harder to deal with. And now we come to the trial of the major in the Fort Hood shooting. One of the things that is not being mentioned is that the crime was committed in a gun-free zone, a military base, where the victims had to wait and watch the major load and reload his gun many times, until the city police showed up to put him down. I must be missing something here this was a military base where they train men for combat, is it not? I wonder if the folks in Benghazi tried to call 911 to get help?

We are supposed to be a country with a government by the people and for the people. Yet all we hear about is corruption in Washington, perhaps now is the time to end this career politician in Congress and make term limits mandatory so they start to work for us again instead of their party and their pockets.

The one thing that politicians are afraid of is united and informed voters; let’s elect men of character and morals, God-fearing men with integrity. Time is running out fast for our country.

Ron Dudley


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom